The recent barrage of sexual harassment allegations has not only dominated the media, but also given executives, in-house counsel and HR professionals across all industries pause as they evaluate whether or not they are taking the right steps to prevent, identify and resolve inappropriate behavior. Although many employers have policies that address sexual harassment and reporting procedures for complaints, a policy alone is not enough. Employers must be proactive in creating a respectful, harassment-free workplace and knowledgeable about what to do when harassment claims are made.

In light of the current climate and underscored by specific mandates from the EEOC concerning anti-harassment training, the Littler Learning Group has created a new training program to assist organizations in creating a harassment-free workplace and minimizing liability exposure. Using video scenarios and interactive discussion techniques, our all-new Anti-Harassment training addresses the following topics:

  • Risk awareness to focus on liability and organizational risk posed by workplace harassment
  • Leadership insights to deepen awareness of how harassment can occur in today’s workplace
  • Setting the right tone of civility, compliance and zero tolerance from the top down
  • Addressing potential misconduct effectively
  • Fostering respect and professionalism within your workplace culture

Together with your organization, the Littler Learning Group will provide an experience that attendees will implement to create a more respectful workplace for years to come.