What We Do

Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute® (WPI®) advocates for the interests of employers on a global scale. As the government relations and public policy arm of Littler — the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management and one of the most influential firms in its space — WPI focuses on defining and shaping workplace policy at the international, national and local levels.

Drawing on deep relationships with government officials and industry associations, WPI serves as a strong voice for employers and their workplaces to navigate real-time changes in employment and labor law, while influencing the legislation of tomorrow. By harnessing Littler’s global depth of knowledge and expansive resources for tracking emerging issues that affect the workplace, WPI brings employers’ interests to the forefront of today’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.


WPI takes a holistic, action-oriented approach to advocating for our clients’ interests — from engaging with policymakers to testifying before Congress to leading legal challenges against over-reaching laws and regulations. We are a go-to liaison for our clients on workplace policy matters, developing strategic advocacy plans in partnership with clients and executing them on their behalf.


At WPI, we don’t just represent clients on individual matters, we work alongside them to develop strategies that promote their interests and long-term growth. We invest in building coalitions to drive actionable outcomes that protect and advance the collective interests of companies, trade associations, state chambers of commerce and business groups.


Littler’s extensive global footprint and strategic international connections provide our clients with access to an unparalleled scope of influence. When employment law changes threaten critical business issues for organizations and their workforces, employers need more than advice on the current legal landscape. They need a partner they can trust to advocate on their behalf that also has a global track record of influencing policymaking and curbing excessive government regulation.

Our Impact

WPI’s efforts have led to major litigation wins and legislative advancements at the highest levels of government throughout the course of both Republican and Democratic administrations. WPI has:

  • Helped defeat the controversial Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which would have overhauled the National Labor Relations Act and had a significant impact on both non-union and unionized employers.
  • Brought coalitions together to challenge proposed changes to the definitions of an independent contractor and a joint employer, and to advocate for the interests of management on these foundational issues for their businesses.
  • United hospitality industry trade associations to challenge the Department of Labor's tip credit regulations around the so-called “80/20” Rule, highlighting increased labor costs and compliance burdens for employers.
  • Successfully challenged an Obama-era overtime rule that would have dramatically increased the salary threshold for exemption of white-collar employees from overtime pay, representing a coalition of 55 business groups.
  • Brought ongoing lawsuits challenging several laws impacting the workplace, including California’s law prohibiting mandatory arbitration as a condition of employment (AB 51) and Connecticut’s ban on ‘captive audience’ meetings (arguing that the law violates employers’ free-speech rights).

WPI is also at the forefront of helping employers navigate transformational workplace issues and developments that the law has yet to address but that employers are grappling with in real-time. From the use of AI in HR to addressing the skilled labor shortage in the U.S. to the legal issues around automation, we offer counsel at the leading-edge of technological innovation — and the legislation that accompanies it.

WPI’s Services

WPI offers a full range of services to clients to influence workplace policies and regulations throughout the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, as well as on a global stage. With offerings that cover the lifecycle of the legislative and regulatory process, WPI can help you and your organization:

  • Engage with key policymakers and regulators in Congress, the administration and government agencies
  • Build coalitions with like-minded organizations to respond to policy trends and challenge regulations and court rulings
  • Manage sophisticated, high-profile employment and labor litigation
  • Provide assessments of how policy developments impact your workplace
  • Explain legislation, regulations and court rulings to your employees and/or members
  • Provide testimony before Congress and prepare for Congressional hearings
  • Author powerful, persuasive and effective legal briefs and amicus briefs for court cases
  • Draft public comments and letters to government entities
  • Navigate public-facing communications
  • Shape the direction of important legislation
  • Produce thought-leading analyses, white papers and research reports on important and emerging employment and labor law topics
  • Deliver live workshops and presentations at your conferences
  • Monitor and track legislation, regulations, elections, activity from government entities, and court opinions that may impact your organization

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Littler is taking a future, visionary approach. Most firms don’t take on this kind of work, they don’t dive in and try to solve these big problems. Most firms are strictly trying to meet the needs of the clients, which in real time is largely keeping them out of trouble.”

“WPI is a solutions management entity in a unique labor and political space where companies are increasingly under attack.”

“WPI goes where the client cannot. A lot of the work is very political. You have brands that need to be in this fight, but they can't or don’t want to be directly involved or attached.”

“WPI offers regulatory, political and legislative experience combined with a deep knowledge of labor and employment. Usually, you’d have to go to different places for this, but not with WPI.”

“Littler is uniquely situated to do this work. The legal advice and guidance Littler and WPI provide, along with strategy and messaging, exceeds the typical expectation for law firms.”

“They have their finger on the pulse of every issue employers should know about in the legal space. WPI is a one-stop shop for things that are keeping business owners up at night.”

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