Remote Work Toolkit for Employers

The Remote Work Toolkit for Employers contains a Guide, Model Policy and Model Agreement for companies to use when implementing remote work and telework programs for their Wandering Workers both during the pandemic and in post-pandemic era. The Policy and Agreement are annotated and editable – and can be customized to your particular needs and circumstances.

While many employers likely have a remote work or telework policy already in place, such arrangements have (until now) applied only sporadically and on a smaller scale. Importantly, remote work programs of the past may have neglected to address the fundamental differences between mandatory telework (at the employer’s direction) and voluntary telework (at the employee’s request) – and the legal implications for that distinction are significant. Facing the reality of Wandering Workers, many employers considering companywide, long-term remote work find they are ill prepared for such a significant change to the structure of their workforce.

Designed for businesses committed to making remote work a regular and coordinated part of their workplace process and culture, the Package addresses the “Telework Ten” issues:

  1. Wage and Hour
  2. Expense Reimbursement
  3. Disability Accommodation
  4. Choice of Law Questions
  5. Workplace Safety and Workers’ Compensation
  6. Privacy and Information Security
  7. Protected Leave
  8. Tax Considerations
  9. Caregiver Concerns
  10. Workplace Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

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