When it comes to labor agreements, the challenge is obvious. The headaches and risks are real. Organizations that juggle multiple union contracts struggle to keep track of the terms and entitlements among their collective bargaining agreements. They face the daunting task of having to swiftly identify and compare language for contract administration, grievance and negotiations purposes. Companies need instant access to their collective bargaining agreements in a format that is organized, electronic and searchable. Now there is a cost-effective, technologically advanced solution for managing these agreements.

Littler’s collective bargaining agreement database service – Littler LaborSmart™ – is an interactive, online tool that empowers in-house legal and labor relations professionals by providing them with access to all of their company’s collective bargaining agreements in a structured, searchable database. The database resides on a hosted, web-based platform, available at all times from any Internet-connected computer.

Our Labor Relations Advantage

Littler LaborSmart is a cutting-edge technology solution for the analysis, organization and benchmarking of collective bargaining agreements. It was designed by and for seasoned labor attorneys and labor relations professionals, using a highly sophisticated document analysis program developed by our software partner, KMStandards, and managed by Littler attorneys. Littler LaborSmart rapidly synthesizes and organizes large sets of documents, enabling experienced professionals to access information easily and quickly to meet the retrieval and drafting needs they face repeatedly.

Littler LaborSmart provides authorized company users with an organized library of the company's collective bargaining agreements at their fingertips, through which they can compare clauses across contracts, identify common terms and outliers, conduct topic and keyword searches, and benchmark individual agreements against the library. Littler LaborSmart provides powerful labor information in an easily accessible format that enables clients to draft stronger contract language, marshal more persuasive arguments and conduct insightful negotiations. Labor relations professionals will be able to administer agreements better, faster and smarter than with their current document management programs.

Features of Littler LaborSmart

The company’s personal, secure Littler LaborSmart database provides in-house and outside counsel and labor relations staff with:

  • Access – Access all of the company’s collective bargaining agreements remotely from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Organization – Easily browse a master outline of the company’s collective bargaining agreements for reference while preparing for negotiations or even while at the bargaining table
  • Analysis – Obtain insightful analyses of collective bargaining agreement construction (i.e., how often are specific clauses found in the group of agreements) and of clause language (i.e., what is the standard language used for a specific clause)
  • Benchmarking – Benchmark other agreements against the company's library to determine whether critical clauses are missing, if uncommon or new clauses are present, or if clause language deviates significantly from the standard
  • Searching – Review collective bargaining agreements by type of clause (e.g., management rights), or search by key word (e.g., alcohol), phrase (e.g., crossing picket lines) or tag (e.g., union negotiator). Instantly, find specific documents or clauses by combining detailed search parameters (e.g., management rights clauses agreed to by Teamsters Local 111)
  • Building agreements – As an optional feature, clients can quickly assemble proposals and new agreements by selecting standard or alternative clauses derived from the company's own library of collective bargaining agreements

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