Littler CaseSmart – Class Action™ is the latest extension of our award-winning Littler CaseSmart platform. With wage and hour class and collective action filings on the rise, these “bet the company” matters have become part of the cost of doing business for many employers. Nevertheless, they remain time consuming and expensive to defend. Through the application of our Littler CaseSmart methodology, we have created an efficient process for managing these complex matters with a strong focus on quality and value. The following are the keys to our innovative platform.

  • Efficient Workflow: Working with Littler’s national thought leaders with decades of experience in wage and hour class and collective action litigation, we redesigned the way we manage these matters and created a streamlined, efficient workflow. The Littler CaseSmart process reduces inefficiencies and inconsistencies, and emphasizes practical, solution-based actions. Importantly, each attorney remains focused on executing tasks that provide employers with value.
  • Focused Project Management: Focused project management is critical to the success of managing litigation. Our team utilizes methods and tools to help matters stay on track, closely monitor budgets, and establish a collaborative environment where team members can effectively communicate. This organizational approach facilitates efficient implementation of litigation strategy across all matters.
  • Class and Collective Action Specialists: Our diverse staffing model is comprised of client-dedicated teams of Littler Shareholders, Associates, and FlexTime Attorneys (FTAs) with years of experience defending class and collective actions. FTAs are designated to perform certain tasks within the class action process, allowing us to capitalize on their specific areas of subject-matter knowledge, while also gaining efficiencies that comes from their singular focus. When appropriate, our in-house Data Analysts also provide support to help inform defense and settlement strategies and keep everyone apprised of potential litigation risks.
    A highly beneficial and distinctive feature of our value-driven platform is the access clients have to the Strategic Review Committee (SRC). The SRC is a team of Littler’s national thought leaders who practice extensively in wage and hour class and collective action litigation and provide input and strategic direction on each matter defended on the platform. The SRC reviews key pleadings and filings in a matter to assist with the development of defenses and arguments that fully capture the latest developments in class action litigation.

Collectively, this efficient platform delivers our clients with high-quality representation from experienced class action attorneys while helping to drive down cost and providing budget predictability.