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An Ever-Changing Landscape

Wage and hour law is never static. It’s in a constant state of uncertainty. Every day, decades-old statutes are being reinterpreted in real time, industry practices are being questioned by plaintiffs’ lawyers, and new technologies and business models are redefining conventional notions of what constitutes “employment.”

But it’s not just this ongoing change that makes wage and hour law so confusing. Disparate laws across cities and counties make an already complex category even more complicated. Employers with operations in multiple states are often subject to different laws – and even within a single state, the rules aren’t necessarily the same. And it’s not enough to simply adhere to local and state laws. Businesses also have to ensure that they’re following federal regulations, all under the ever-present threat of class and collective actions in both state and federal courts.

At Littler, we know what you’re up against. You need to meet the demands of your workforce and evaluate overall risk. You need to adapt to a changing business world and a changing legal environment. You need to stay competitive and compliant. It’s a delicate balance. And we can help your business achieve it – managing risk and reducing your company’s liability through creative compliance solutions and effective litigation defenses.

Compliance is not a one-size fits all process. At Littler, we consider the nuances of every situation. And, we’re not afraid to step outside the box to suggest unconventional tactics when it’s the right decision for our clients. Sometimes doing things differently is the only way to do them better, and this principle inspires our proactive approach to all wage and hour issues. And every day, we leverage this know-how to power our imagination – thinking up improvements for our clients that have resulted in bold, tech-based solutions that drive better outcomes, such as our Littler Xmpt, Littler CaseSmart and ComplianceHR solutions.

Our team is full of attorneys with a deep understanding of the wage and hour landscape, from unpaid overtime to off-the-clock work, from employee misclassification to improper paycheck deductions in industry sectors ranging from construction to retail to higher education. Need help handling an unpaid overtime claim in Boston? Looking for information to solve a pay stub problem in Atlanta? Facing a class action in California? No matter where your business is located, we’ve got the right team to get you the solutions you need.

“Our wage and hour team operates like the gears behind a watch. We collaborate, bringing together interlocking pieces – like our deep experience and local knowledge – to deliver the best results for our clients.”
– Lee Schreter, Wage & Hour Practice Co-Chair

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Wage and Hour Litigation

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Wage and Hour Compliance

A Step Ahead

A Step Ahead

When do employers need to pay employees for waiting and on-call time?

When do employers need to pay employees for waiting and on-call time?

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