Legal Careers

As Littler’s national reputation has grown, so has our representation of the largest and most prestigious companies in corporate America. We have performed legal services for 67 percent of the companies in the Fortune 100 and 70 percent of those in the Fortune 500. We represent employers in virtually every industry, including financial services, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, automotive, media, technology, hospitality, retail, construction and telecommunications.

Littler is the largest global employment and labor law practice in the world exclusively devoted to representing management. With more than 1,700 attorneys in offices around the world, Littler serves as the single source solution provider to the global employer community.

We strive for excellence in the way we represent our clients, respond to and anticipate their needs, predict trends in the field of labor and employment law and develop relationships with professional service organizations.

Alternative Legal Careers

We are always looking internally to ensure that we are developing policies and career tracks that encourage people with different lifestyles and at different stages of career development to remain engaged and well compensated. Littler offers a number of alternative legal career options that provide our clients with targeted services without limiting your opportunity to gain exposure to clients and projects. Examples of these positions include:

  • Counsel: These attorneys enjoy practicing in their specialty areas while not seeking to follow the shareholder track.
  • eDiscovery Attorneys: Focusing only on eDiscovery allows these attorneys to remain current on the latest legal and technology developments and to proactively advise clients before disputes with opposing counsel arise. Lawyers with an emphasis on eDiscovery suggest best practices for preserving, collecting and producing electronically stored information and for identifying pressing eDiscovery issues that relate to employment litigation.
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  • Littler CaseSmart Counsel: These professionals have greater control over work-life balance while performing valuable and interesting work for the firm’s clients. As members of the Littler CaseSmart® team, Littler CaseSmart Counsel (LCS Counsel) focus on specific tasks within the legal process and are assigned to client-dedicated service teams, capitalizing on specific areas of subject matter knowledge and gaining efficiency through a singular focus. Fully supported with proprietary Littler technology and IT services, LCS Counsel work from home and commit to a specific level of work on an annual basis.
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  • Knowledge Management Attorneys: Working with a team of technologists, legal researchers and content administrators, Knowledge Management Attorneys adapt and develop innovative technologies and applications for delivering legal services to our clients. These attorneys leverage our collective experience in handling the most complicated and the most common employment and labor issues and expedite the distribution of legal information via creative tools, services and products.
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  • Littler Learning Group Attorneys: In addition to legal services, we provide a full curriculum of compliance, ethics and leadership courses. Littler Learning Group (LLG) attorneys administer and facilitate the delivery of training and development services. Some of the services LLG attorneys provide are in-person training, webinars, train-the-trainer services, and one-on-one executive coaching. They also develop and produce video and multi-media training tools.
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