Littler disrupted the legal industry in 2010 by creating a platform to better address the needs of employers, with a focus on providing our clients with greater value. Considered trailblazers in legal innovation, we have successfully managed over 23,500 matters on the Littler CaseSmart (LCS) platform.

LCS is designed to help deliver consistent, high-quality legal work to employers through an efficient workflow while also providing critical data analytics that help employers make more informed business decisions. Our platform has proven to help reduce legal spend while increasing fee predictability, an achievement that has not gone unnoticed. The Association of Corporate Counsel recognized Littler in conjunction with a firm client with a 2017 ACC Value Champion Award for making a measurable impact on their business through the use of LCS.

Littler CaseSmart Overview

Littler CaseSmart Features:

  • Redesigned process for managing employment matters focused on efficiency, quality, and project management
  • Client-dedicated teams of experienced and diverse attorneys
  • Ability to track and monitor the status of matters in real-time
  • Access to privileged data analytics that drive insight and reduce risk
  • Value-based platform proven to help reduce spend and increase fee predictability

Efficient Workflow

Throughout the platform's streamlined processes, we reduce inefficiencies, and emphasize practical, solution-based actions. This helps to ensure that the appropriate attorney or legal professional is focused on executing tasks that will provide employers with the greatest value. To help with successful execution, we engage experienced attorneys certified in legal project management who track workflow and budgets through financial reporting and coordinate effective matter management.

Client-Dedicated Teams

Our diverse staffing model is comprised of client-dedicated teams of Shareholders, Associates, and FlexTime Attorneys (FTAs) with years of experience defending employment matters. Through the process of unbundling, each team member is dedicated to performing specific types of work within the legal process. To help foster a collaborative environment, our teams leverage technology-based tools to communicate and access the details of their matters on a 24/7 basis. They also are supported by an internal team site, where the firm's collective knowledge about a client is organized. These tools also help to ensure consistent work product is being delivered across the client's portfolio of matters.  

Data Analytics & Case Management Technology

The LCS platform automates and tracks each matter through a client-configured dashboard that provides an attorney-client privileged and sophisticated view of all matters - from the smallest details of a claim to high-level employment litigation trend reports. More than a case management system, the dashboard includes critical data analytics that help employers make more informed business decisions. With the latest data available, clients can monitor the progress of a single matter or an entire portfolio of litigation with the ability to hone in on specific details. This readily accessible case information also enables clients to spot patterns of potential business risks and recognize larger employment trends that can drive change.

Littler CaseSmart Service Lines

Drawing upon our collective experience as the world’s largest employment and labor law firm, Littler redesigned the way we manage matters by developing the following award-winning LCS service lines, all of which are premised on talent, efficiency and technology:


Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)

  • ACC Value Champion, 2017

“North America Innovative Lawyers” Report, Financial Times

  • Ranked “Highly Commended” – New Products and Services Category for Littler CaseSmart – Class Action, 2017
  • Ranked “Standout” – New Working Models Category for Littler CaseSmart  – Litigation™, 2015
  • Ranked “Highly Commended” – Litigation Category for Littler CaseSmart  – Litigation™, 2014
  • Ranked #10 – Top 25 Most Innovative Law Firms, 2017

International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

  • Finalist for Distinguished Peer Award for Innovative Law Firm of the Year, 2015, 2017
  • Runner-up for the Distinguished Peer Award as the 2014 Innovative Law Firm of the Year, 2014
  • Winner of the Distinguished Peer Award as Project of the Year for Littler CaseSmart®, 2011

College of Law Practice Management

  • Recipient of the InnovAction Award for Littler CaseSmart®, 2012

Littler CaseSmart Program Mailing Address

2301 McGee Street
Suite 800
Kansas City, MO 64108