The Littler Learning Group has created new training programs and solutions to assist organizations in creating a harassment-free workplace and minimizing liability exposure. Our programs reflect the current climate and timely workplace issues, respond to state law mandates, and incorporate specific recommendations from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) concerning effective anti-harassment training. Using video scenarios and interactive discussion techniques, Littler’s anti-harassment training programs address the following topics:

  • Risk awareness to focus on liability and organizational risk posed by workplace harassment
  • Leadership insights to deepen awareness of how harassment can occur in today’s workplace
  • Setting the right tone of civility, compliance and zero tolerance from the top down
  • Addressing potential misconduct effectively
  • Fostering respect and professionalism within your workplace culture

Mandatory Training

Anti-harassment training remains a workplace best practice for many reasons, but such programs are now required in multiple states, with legislation pending in a number of others. Littler offers programs that are compliant with every jurisdiction requiring training – including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine and New York – and proactive for all employers. While each state with required programs has slightly different mandates, Littler has employers covered with compliant training tailored to and suitable for every jurisdiction. For example:

California’s mandatory training requirements became broader as of January 1, 2019, now requiring that all employers with 5 or more employees provide anti-harassment training to all employees, not just supervisors. The first round of training must be completed by January 1, 2020 (even if supervisors received training in 2018), and all courses must be repeated every two years. State law mandates that the training include specific topics and components in order to be compliant.

New York
The New York State Legislature and the New York City Council recently adopted legislation targeting sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. State law now requires that all New York employers, regardless of their size, provide annual sexual harassment training to all employees and provide employees with a written non-harassment policy. Littler is ready to help employers with New York operations become fluent in the new requirements and train their workforce in a compliant manner.

Training Options

To help employers comply with required training and implement best practices on preventing workplace harassment, the Littler Learning Group (LLG) offers training packages that can be delivered to employees in several ways, including:

Live In-Person Training
Littler employment attorneys regularly lead live, in-person trainings on anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws and improving workplace culture. Company handbook policies will be incorporated into our training so that employees are reminded of internal policies first and foremost. This training, like all Littler trainings, is very interactive and includes demonstrative videos, slides and images. Multiple options are available, including a two-hour manager session, one-hour employee training, or all employee session with managers-only add-on.

Live Webinar Training
Littler attorneys present live webinar trainings, which mirror the live in-person training described above but are conducted remotely. Employees can log on from their own computers or a conference room to view the training, engage in discussion and interact with the live Littler attorney leading the training remotely. For an added fee, this webinar can be recorded and provided to the employer to use as a training tool for two years.

Materials License and Train-the-Trainer
The in-person training materials are also available for purchase for internal use via a Materials License and a Train-the-Trainer option. Littler attorneys are available to consult with an organization’s Human Resources team and in-house counsel in order to improve internal training plans or provide guidance on how to present Littler training materials.

New York Sexual Harassment 30-minute Video
As another option, Littler offers a 30-minute sexual harassment training video that incorporates much of the state’s “model training” and meets the minimum standards required by State and City law. The video outlines New York sexual harassment laws, standard internal policies and standard complaint options for every employee. The video serves as a Human Resources tool for employers, complete with a two-page user guide and opportunities within the video to pause and engage in discussion to satisfy the interactive requirement. This video is meant to be presented in-house with internal Human Resources or other qualified personnel present to answer questions.

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For more information on workplace harassment prevention and legally required harassment training, see Littler’s ASAPs and Insights.