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Senate Bill Would Nullify Specialty Healthcare Decision

pencil erasing2.JPGOn Thursday Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) introduced the Representation Fairness Restoration Act (S. 1843), a bill that would effectively revoke the National Labor Relations Board’s recent decision in Specialty Healthcare, and establish criteria for determining an appropriate bargaining unit. In Specialty Healthcare, the Board determined a petitioned-for unit will be deemed appropriate so long as that unit consists of a clearly identifiable group of employees. If an employer contends that the unit should include additional employees, it is incumbent upon the employer to show that the employees in a larger unit share an "overwhelming" community of interest with those in the petitioned-for unit. Many have argued that this decision will result in much smaller “micro” bargaining units that are easier to organize and more difficult for employers to administratively manage. Continue reading this entry at Littler's Washington DC Employment Law Update.


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