Littler has devised a new approach to defending single plaintiff litigation that is changing the delivery of legal services with a focus on value, talent, technology and data analytics. Littler CaseSmart – Litigation™ combines the latest technologies with our lawyers’ skills and experience to produce a new streamlined method for managing the litigation process. The benefits for our clients are undeniable: immediate access to critical information that can help reduce risks, improve predictability and enhance the development of companywide business strategies.

Littler CaseSmart – Litigation relies on lawyers local to and experienced in the jurisdiction where the matter is pending, as well as lawyers who focus solely on specific and discrete responsibilities within the legal process. These lawyers are also dedicated to specific client service teams, allowing our clients to maximize efficiency and control the escalating costs of litigation. Additionally, through a dashboard, our clients can closely monitor individual cases and recognize larger employment trends that can drive change.

Littler CaseSmart – Litigation has defended over 1,000 single plaintiff litigation matters. Key benefits include:

  • Project management approach: Addressing our clients’ priorities: Our experienced lawyers focus on the issues and challenges that are most important to our clients. This approach matches the right attorney with the right task, and within a cost structure that benefits clients. We utilize proven project management methods that enable us to handle matters efficiently while implementing the most effective litigation strategies.
  • FlexTime Attorneys: Access to the talent best suited for the issues at hand, the Littler CaseSmart team is made up of attorneys with years of experience resolving single plaintiff litigation matters and experienced FlexTime Attorneys. Our FlexTime Attorneys are U.S.-based and focus on specific tasks within the legal process. They are assigned to client-dedicated service teams, allowing us to capitalize on their specific areas of subject matter knowledge, while also gaining from the efficiency that comes with their singular focus.
  • Case-tracking technology: Driven by efficiency and predictability in order to control cost, our methodology draws on our comprehensive understanding of the full “life cycle” of employment-related matters and Littler’s signature use of technology. Littler CaseSmart – Litigation uses a dashboard interface to provide “privileged analytics” – a data-driven process that provides insights on business risks and other employment issues protected by the attorney-client privilege. With the latest data available, clients can monitor the progress of a single case or a group of matters with the ability to hone in on specific details. This readily accessible case information also enables clients to spot patterns of potential business risks and areas of improvement. Littler CaseSmart assigns the right attorney to the right task within a cost structure that reduces legal spending while bringing quality and consistency to new levels.