Innovation in the Delivery of Legal Services

With the demands on today’s law firms to work more efficiently and cost effectively, Knowledge Management (KM) at Littler connects our attorneys and clients to the collective knowledge and insights of our more than 1,000 attorneys, and it provides our attorneys with the tools, services, products and support necessary to consistently deliver quality client services across practice areas and locations. KM leverages our collective experience in handling the most complicated, as well as the most common, employment and labor issues, enhances access to our vast library of outstanding work product and employs creative technologies to distribute legal information and deliver legal services to our clients.

Littler’s KM department is made up of experienced employment attorneys, technologists, legal researchers and content administrators, who are dedicated to enhancing client access to the firm's considerable knowledge and resources. Through KM’s research support services, technologies and applications, we have developed innovative ways of delivering legal services to our clients.

Littler’s innovative products and services have received numerous industry awards and recognition. Visit the Service Solutions section of our website to learn more, including Littler CaseSmart® and Littler LaborSmart.

Keeping Clients Informed

In today’s ever-changing legal landscape, clients need to know about new laws, regulations and court decisions that could affect their day-to-day operations and long-term strategic objectives. In addition to our award-winning publications, Littler’s KM department provides subscription services to keep our clients abreast of emerging issues in labor and employment law and can provide round-the-clock access to client matter information via Littler Edge.

Littler Edge 

Gain the business edge with instant access to Littler's labor and employment legal content and guidance.
Littler Edge is an online portal offering qualified clients access to updates, templates and guides - all accessible directly from the homepage. Resources include Littler GPS, Global Guide and Fastcase Legal Research Service. Littler Edge also serves as the launch pad for premium services, such as Littler CaseSmart and ComplianceHR.

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Online News & Analysis

Littler’s KM Department facilitates timely communication with clients about ground-breaking changes in labor and employment law through Littler's online attorney-authored publications, which include our ASAP and Insight articles. These online publications cover the latest developments and trends in labor and employment law.

  • Littler ASAPs are highly focused and timely updates on particular cases, statutes, regulations, or other legal developments across many labor and employment subjects
  • Littler Insights provide full coverage of issues across the United States and internationally. Insight articles cover topics specific to various industries and areas of practice, and provide in-depth analysis and commentary on emerging issues and trends important to employers

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Publications and Treatises

Littler’s KM Department oversees the writing, editing and publication of numerous books (available in a variety of formats), that provide our attorneys and clients with a solid foundation and in-depth analysis on a variety of topics. 

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Innovation in the Practice of Law


SmartSearch allows Littler’s attorneys and staff to locate work product, internal subject matter expertise, and client and matter information in a single, easy-to-use system. Combining Google-like simplicity with advanced filtering capabilities, SmartSearch was designed to help our attorneys find relevant precedents, identify the firm’s know-how and review client and matter profiles quickly and easily – all with the goal of providing efficient and quality service to our clients.

Resource Centers

The online Litigation and Class Action Resource Centers were designed by KM to provide timely and easily accessible resources for attorneys working on single-plaintiff and class-action employment, benefits and wage and hour litigation. By dividing the litigation process into eight phases, from initial case investigation to post-trial, the sites provide an easily navigable road map for attorneys to follow to better serve the needs of our clients in litigation and class-action matters. The centers are designed to be an all-inclusive portal for litigators, paralegals and litigation secretaries to permit them to find sample documents and resources quickly and efficiently. This resource equips our attorneys with the tools necessary to provide exceptional and effective client representation.


Meghann J. Barloewen

Knowledge Management Counsel & Director, Knowledge Management Projects
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Cynthia L. Brown

Senior Director, Research Services

Betsy Cammarata

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Sebastian Chilco

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Michelle L. Devlin

Knowledge Management Counsel

Tessa J. Gelbman

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Sarah Hall

Research Attorney

Katherine R. Hinde

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Maureen H. Lavery

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Rhonda B. Levy

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Amy E. Mendenhall

Director, Knowledge Management Attorney Services
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Kevin P. O'Neill

Principal | Senior Director, Littler Learning Group

Erin M. Reid-Eriksen

Director, Knowledge Management Content & Information Services
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Roberta Limongi Ruiz

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Geida D. Sanlate

Knowledge Management Counsel
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Christine L. Sellers Sullivan

Manager, Knowledge & Research Services

Susan A.P. Woodhouse

Principal | Executive Director Knowledge Management

Carly J. Zuba

Knowledge Management Counsel & Director, Knowledge Management Client Services
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