The Employer Book Series

For 35 years, Littler has written and published The Employer Book Series. Revised and reorganized, the series comprises separate reference manuals covering a wide range of labor and employment law topics. The series draws upon the collective knowledge of Littler’s attorneys nationwide and is the field’s preeminent reference resource providing practical advice to management concerning employment and labor relations.

The Littler National Employer Library

  • Littler on Background Screening & Privacy Rights in Hiring
  • Littler on Bankruptcy & Employment Law Issues
  • Littler on Classifying Workers: Employees v. Independent Contractors, Joint Employees & Other Contingent Workforce Issues
  • Littler on Collective Bargaining
  • Littler on Corporate Restructuring: Employment & Labor Law Implications of Mergers, Acquisitions, Relocations & Asset Sales
  • Littler on Data Protection & Release of Personal Information: HIPAA & Related Laws
  • Littler on Disability in the Workplace
  • Littler on Discrimination in the Workplace: Race, National Origin, Sex, Age & Genetic Information
  • Littler on Employee Monitoring: Searches, Surveillance & Privacy Concerns
  • Littler on Employee Training
  • Littler on Employment Policies & the Employee Handbook
  • Littler on Employment Testing: Polygraphs, Examinations, Drug Testing & Workplace Substance Abuse
  • Littler on Employment Torts: Wrongful Discharge & Other Employment Torts
  • Littler on Federal Wage & Hour Obligations
  • Littler on Government Contractors & Equal Employment Opportunity Obligations
  • Littler on Harassment in the Workplace
  • Littler on I-9 Compliance & Work Authorization Visas
  • Littler on Leaves of Absence: Family, Medical & Pregnancy Leaves
  • Littler on Leaves of Absence: Military & Civic Duty Leave
  • Littler on Multinational Employers
  • Littler on Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
  • Littler on Protection of Business Information & Restrictive Covenants
  • Littler on Reductions in Force: Information for the Downsizing Employer
  • Littler on Religion in the Workplace
  • Littler on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Automation
  • Littler on Union Organizing
  • Littler on Workplace Safety: Overview of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act

The Littler State Employer Library

The State Employer Library is designed to help employers identify and apply various state employment law requirements. Each title in the library follows the employment cycle – tracking requirements from pre-hire, time of hire, during employment, and through to the end of employment. Because employers are subject to both federal and state employment laws, each section provides a brief overview of federal law and then summarizes applicable state law.

The State Library consists of separate titles for each state and the District of Columbia.

The Littler International Series

The Littler International Guide provides a comprehensive, comparative analysis of international employment and labor laws for corporate counsel, cross-border legal practitioners, and HR professionals. Written by selected attorneys and scholars from around the globe and edited by the attorneys of Littler's International Practice Group, the Guide is organized in a question-and-answer format and covers more than 45 countries/territories.

Other Littler Books

Littler attorneys have authored a number of comprehensive reference books focusing on particular areas of law. 

  • Disability Discrimination and the Workplace, 2nd Edition (with 2017 Supplement): Provides a comprehensive picture of the disability discrimination landscape, including the history of the ADA, the development of federal disability discrimination law, as well as a comprehensive analysis of additional laws on a state-by-state basis.
  • Employment Law Trials: A Practical Guide: Designed to prepare the seasoned employment lawyer, junior litigation associate, or personal injury lawyer for the unique aspects of trying an employment case.
  • Wage and Hour Answer Book, 2021 Edition: This easy-to-reference book, organized in a question-and-answer format, provides comprehensive explanations of the requirements of minimum wage, overtime, and recordkeeping along with real-world examples that simplify the complex issues of overtime pay, hours worked, and other calculations. It includes regulatory and case law developments as well as opinions of the Department of Labor.
  • Unfair Competition and Intellectual Property Protection in Employment Law: Contract Solutions and Litigation Guide: Addresses employers’ key concerns and provides employers with a balanced look at their contractual options and litigation alternatives to help protect against unfair competition and intellectual property theft.

Educational Videos

Littler Learning Group provides content for several educational videos to help employers with their employment law training needs.

  • Harassment Prevention: A Commonsense Approach: Through a long-standing co-development partnership between Littler and Kantola, we are proud to present an entirely new family of harassment prevention courses. The new courses have been rebuilt to include relatable, real-life stories shared through in-person interviews, helping to make complex topics easier to understand. They also include expanded content on the role of managers and additional topics on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and remote working. In keeping with standards, you have come to expect, these new cinematic quality courses offer interactive activities, legal explanations and practical advice on how to prevent, recognize and address harassment. Exceeding all state, federal, and EEOC requirements for anti-harassment compliance training, this course is available in compliant, state-specific versions for California, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Washington, and Canada. (Manager and Employee courses available, in English and Spanish.)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: In another award-winning eLearning course co-developed by Littler and Kantola, this training solution is relevant and applicable to employees at all levels of your organization. Designed to allow learners to gain insights into the perspectives and realities of individuals with identities that are different from their own, participants will learn about how others can experience the same workplace in very different ways. With an aim to make complex issues understandable and relatable, learners are guided to reflect on their behavior through interactive exercises, authentic scenarios, and practice sessions that prepare them to better navigate through real-life situations.
  • Legal Survival Skills for the Modern Manager: It's not easy to be a supervisor these days. They have to get the job done—often with fewer employees and a tighter budget—and they are expected to know exactly what to do or say every time a "people problem" arises. This video was created to help managers find their way through the maze of employment laws and regulations, while at the same time maximizing the performance of their workers.
  • Managing Minefields: The Challenges Managers Face: This program dramatizes common employee relations issues encountered by managers today. Utilizing a partnership model between management and human resources, it offers practical solutions and unites employment law compliance with leadership practices in a way that builds stronger employee relations while helping to minimize risks for the employer.