We hope this page provides a useful resource for employers to learn how COVID-19 is affecting various aspects of employment law, and how different jurisdictions are addressing the outbreak. Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, with new governmental measures each day, employers should consult with counsel for the latest developments and updated guidance on this topic.  

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COVID-19 Labor & Employment Litigation Tracker
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Bouncing Back: A List of Statewide Return to Work Protocols
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Facing Your Face Mask Duties – A List of Statewide Orders
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Employee Temperature and Health Screenings – A List of Statewide Orders
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Stay on Top of “Stay At Home” – A List of Statewide Orders
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Littler COVID-19 Flash Survey Report
Littler Report | March 30, 2020

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COVID-19 Return to Work Initiative

Littler attorneys are ready to provide you with advice and counsel specific to your jurisdiction, industry, and preferences, using our extensive library of resources, templates, and policies to help you efficiently and effectively develop a compliant COVID-19 return to work plan that meets your specific business needs.

Resources for Employers

Is work from home here to stay?

Telework programs of the past have neglected to address the fundamental differences between mandatory telework (at the employer’s direction) and voluntary telework (at the employee’s request) – and the legal implications for that distinction are significant.

Littler’s Telework Toolkit provides the solution to employers considering companywide, long-term telework. Its model policy and agreement are intended for employers committed to making telework a regular and coordinated part of their workplace process and culture. The toolkit addresses myriad labor and employment complications for mandatory and voluntary programs.

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On-Demand COVID-19 Webinars

A Littler COVID-19 Task Force Webinar: California Cities and Counties Adopt New Leave and Safety Ordinances​
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Back to Work? How In-House Employment Counsel and Human Resources Professionals Can Help Organizations Assess Whether, When and How to Reopen for Business
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International Cutbacks and Reductions-in-Force in the Global Pandemic
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COVID-19 in the Workplace: Compliance Challenges, Policy Options
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COVID-19 in the Workplace: What We Know, What We Don't
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U.S. Immigration Perspective: Managing a Mobile Workforce Under COVID-19 Restrictions
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Benefit Issues to Watch During the Coronavirus Crisis
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COVID-19 Strategies for APAC-Based Companies with Employees in North America
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COVID-19 – For Companies with Employees in China, Japan and South Korea
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Practical Issues for Employers in Navigating the New Federal Emergency Paid FMLA and Sick Leave Mandates
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