Proven. Disruptive. Award-Winning.

Littler CaseSmart® has redesigned our legal process to be smart, fast, and save you money.

Littler CaseSmart is an innovative solution for managing agency charges, single plaintiff employment litigation and wage and hour class and collective actions. The data-driven platform helps you make informed decisions while improving quality and consistency and helping to reduce legal spend. With value like that, choosing any other law firm simply doesn’t add up.

Littler CaseSmart Features:

  • Redesigned process focused on efficiency, quality, and project management
  • Client-dedicated teams of diverse attorneys
  • Ability to track and monitor the status of matters in real-time
  • Access to privileged data analytics that drive insight and reduce risk
  • Value-based platform proven to help reduce spend and increase fee predictability

Littler CaseSmart Service Lines

Drawing upon our collective experience as the world’s largest employment and labor law firm, Littler redesigned the way we manage matters by developing the following award-winning LCS service lines, all of which are premised on talent, efficiency and technology: