Littler CaseSmart – Charges™ is an integrated solution to managing administrative agency charges, developed at a time of dramatic shifts in the legal landscape. Equal employment opportunity charges (EEO) can be expensive and time-consuming to manage and resolve, and they bring considerable risk of escalating into significant litigation. Littler CaseSmart – Charges offers immediate cost benefits for the management of employment charges and is proven to decrease legal spending without affecting quality. 

Littler CaseSmart – Charges has handled over 19,000 charges in virtually every jurisdiction in the country. Key benefits include:

  • Redesigned process: Using our intimate understanding of agency procedures and effective defense techniques, Littler redesigned the charge handling process – from intake to investigation to closure – resulting in a considerably more efficient and effective process.
  • Dedicated attorneys: The Littler CaseSmart® team is made up of attorneys with years of experience resolving agency charges and experienced FlexTime Attorneys. Our U.S.-based FlexTime Attorneys focus solely on administrative charges and are assigned to client-dedicated service teams, allowing us to capitalize on their specific areas of subject matter knowledge, while also gaining from the efficiency that comes with their singular focus.
  • Advanced Software: Our application tracks the EEO charge process, providing clients with a privileged and sophisticated view of charge details. Littler CaseSmart uses a dashboard interface to provide “privileged analytics” – a data-driven process that provides insights on business risks and other employment issues protected by the attorney-client privilege.
  • Fixed fees: By using dedicated FlexTime Attorneys, as well as incorporating enhanced processes and case management software tools, Littler is able to offer hourly or a fixed-fee-per-charge price model.

Littler CaseSmart – Charges benefits your entire team by allowing in-house lawyers to lower legal costs and focus on higher-value legal issues, all within a predictable legal expense range. It provides HR professionals the freedom to address employee issues in a timely manner by helping to manage day-to-day EEO charges. While on the Littler CaseSmart client dashboard, senior executives have a view of charge data and substantive trend reports, all within a privileged environment.