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Littler Learning Group (LLG) provides innovative and interactive training solutions that are practical to employees at all levels of an organization. Our courses are founded on employment law essentials and address everything from legal compliance to leadership advancement, from diversity and inclusion services to global investigations practices. Blending legal content with high-quality learning and engagement principles, our customized training solutions are designed to take your workforce to the next level. LLG’s diverse training and coaching solutions include communication and conflict management skills, respect-based management, risk analysis, and managing within the law. With our established reputation for quality, state judges and judicial councils have turned to Littler to deliver their own internal training programs. EEOC offices and courts in almost every U.S. jurisdiction have approved Littler training programs pursuant to EEOC consent and conciliation decrees. And employers across the globe regularly depend on us to keep their employee relations practices up-to-date and proactive.

A New Approach To Harassment Training

With growing attention on gender dynamics in the workplace, including the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and continued risk associated with employment discrimination and harassment, employers are increasingly focused on how to foster an inclusive and respectful working environment and reduce legal liability. Our new programs are designed to address these issues through workplace training and coaching solutions tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Learn More About the New Harassment Training Program

Employment Law Training

Our Littler Learning Group team will collaborate with your team to identify and define key learning objectives to develop your employment law training. While customized legal learning solutions have a broad range of topics, some popular topics include:

  • EEO, diversity, and harassment training
  • Conducting lawful internal investigations
  • Investigation and other SHRM-certified courses for HR
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Ethics, anti-corruption, and codes of conduct
  • Union and labor relations
  • International/global topics


The Littler Learning Group provides experiential training that gets ahead of potential litigation and provides proactive employment and compliance-based practices to address your internal investigations needs. Our customized investigations training can transform your HR and supervisory employees’ understanding of what makes a bullet-proof investigation into the hard skills and knowledge needed to create a new and improved standard of investigations best practices for your organization.

Training Licensing Solutions

If you prefer to facilitate your customized training with in-house talent, the Littler Learning Group is ready to help your trainers shine by providing innovative training materials that blend high-tech solutions, including first-class presentations and videos, with strong interpersonal training skills. LLG attorneys are ready to assist as co-presenters for the initial launch, or train-the-trainer services that walk you through every detail to make sure your training hits the mark.

Video Production and Digital Media

Sometimes you need to see it to believe it. That’s why the Littler Learning Group has created a vast library of video resources which can be utilized to enhance your training. In addition, LLG can customize video training solutions for your employees so the message is made clear in an engaging manner.

Executive Coaching

The Littler Learning Group has created a highly effective four-part executive coaching model that allows executives to bridge the gap between their behavior and the legal realities of the workplace, taking executives from acknowledging possible issues and pain points to identifying and cultivating skills that support a solid action plan and commitment from all participants. LLG attorneys also offer their experiences in and out of the courtroom to assist executives in developing passionate and purposeful workforces that drive engagement and increase employee morale. Additional high-performance coaching programs and single compliance sessions are available.

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Most Littler training programs are Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)-approved. Request more information about solutions tailored to fit your organization's needs.

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