What is Reunión?

The name Reunión signifies a “meeting” and “coming together” of people. Improving communication within the firm, recruitment, promotion and retention, as well as developing mentorship and relationship building programs, are some examples of the group’s initiatives. Reunións are often timed to coincide with the Hispanic National Bar Association’s (HNBA) conferences, which Littler helps sponsor each year. This has enabled the group not only to engage in conference activities, but also to spend time discussing current topics and planning projects. The conference gives Reunión members a forum to celebrate accomplishments, be inspired by the success stories of others and learn how they can contribute to their local and national communities.

The Spanish Services Group (SSG) at Littler was developed by Reunión. SSG serves internal and external clients by reviewing and translating documents, providing harassment prevention training in Spanish and making Spanish-speaking attorneys available to meet with witnesses and handle staff cases. This collaboration is just one example of Reunión and the firm supporting each other.


Littler lawyers are involved with many legal and professional organizations across the country.  Among our past and present leadership roles:

  • California Minority Counsel Program
  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee
  • Colorado Hispanic Bar Association
  • Cuban-American Bar Association
  • Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida
  • Hispanic Business Initiative Fund
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando
  • Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois
  • Hispanic National Bar Association
  • Hispanic Summit of Central Florida
  • Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Latinas in the Law
  • Mexican American Bar Association
  • San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association
  • San Francisco Bay Area Latino Partners Group
  • Texas Women Lawyers

Reunión deepens our connections to each other as colleagues and the firm as a whole. It enriches the collaborative culture that spurs innovation and enables us to better serve our clients. My Reunión and Littler networks are integral parts of my practice and the value that we provide our clients.

Fermin H. Llaguno
Fermin H. Llaguno, Shareholder