The Works Council Under Dutch Law

In this episode, Jasper Hoffstedde and Dennis Veldhuizen shed light on the works council’s purpose and added value in the decision-making process. For U.S.-based listeners, Dennis’ quick side-by-side comparison of union vs works council rights may be of interest. Furthermore, all of the basics are explained:

  • When and how to set up a works council
  • When to actually involve the works council
  • Who should serve as point of contact to the works council

What is a works council?
A works council is an independent participation and co-determination body within the employer’s organization, meant to keep both the employer’s and employees’ interests in check. Companies that generally employ 50 people or more are obliged to install a works council. At the same time, many companies do not comply with this obligation out of a perceived fear of losing the ability to make swift business decisions. As discussed here, the opposite is mostly true, and, more importantly, failing to set up a works council where there is a legal obligation to do so may have even further-reaching consequences in frustrating the decision-making process.

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