UK: Five Bits of Good News for Employers from the New DSAR Guidance

We’ve seen a big increase in the use of data subject access requests (DSARs) over the last few years in the UK. DSARs – which allow employees and former employees to access copies of their data – are often dreaded by employers as a costly and time-intensive strategy used to obtain early disclosure as part of a litigation process. The UK’s data protection regulator, the ICO, has recently updated their guidance on how to deal with these requests in practice, which should provide some reassurance to employers. The guidance will assist employers to deal with some the practical aspects of DSARs, such as extending and pausing the deadline for responses, how much effort employers need to make in response to a DSAR and when costs may be recovered.

Click here for the full article, which sets out five key bits of DSAR-related good news that all UK employers should be aware of.

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