New Obligations for Massachusetts Employers Conducting Criminal Background Checks

Effective May 4, 2012, the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information ("CORI") Reform Act (the Act), which was enacted in August 2010 with the controversial "ban the box" legislation, will significantly change the way employers access, use and maintain information obtained through the Commonwealth's CORI system. The Act will allow all employers access to a new online records system, but also imposes obligations on employers that acquire criminal history information from private sources, such as consumer reporting agencies (background report vendors). Employers should review their hiring and background check policies now to determine whether any updates are necessary. To learn about the Act and its potential implications for employers, please continue reading Littler's ASAP, Massachusetts Employers Face New Obligations When Conducting Background Checks Involving Criminal History Records, by Christopher Kaczmarek, Carie Torrence, and Joseph Lazazzero.

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