Navigating New York and California’s Recent Wage & Hour Changes

With the ongoing deadlock in Washington, D.C., an increasing amount of policy change is taking place at the state level. Nowhere is this more evident than in the states of New York and California, which have recently made substantial changes to their wage and hour laws. The governors of both states have signed legislation that will raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour, and at the same time California is expanding their paid sick leave law. These and other issues will have huge impacts on any groups doing business in those states.

WPI Co-Chair Ilyse Schuman interviewed Littler shareholders Bruce Millman and Bruce Sarchet along with Mike Whatley, director of state and local affairs at the National Restaurant Association. Together they explained the initiatives you should be aware of in these two states, what they mean for businesses operating there and how these efforts fit in to the national picture. Also discussed was how these measures reflect larger trends across the country in other states and localities.

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