Employers That Operate A Mixed Fleet Of Vehicles May Lose The Motor Carrier Overtime Exemption

A federal district court recently issued a decision in Hernandez v. Alpine Logistics, LLC, that requires employers to pay overtime compensation to employees who are otherwise exempt from overtime under the Motor Carrier Act for any workweek that the employee operates a vehicle weighing 10,000 pounds or less.

The primary issue in Alpine Logistics was whether employees who drove both larger vehicles (10,001 pounds or more) and smaller vehicles (10,000 pounds or less) were exempt from overtime under the Motor Carrier Exemption. The court pointed to Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division Fact Sheet # 19 in support of its holding that employees who drove both larger and smaller vehicles during the same workweek were entitled to overtime compensation. The court held that the Motor Carrier Exemption does not apply to an employee during workweeks in which the employee operates a smaller vehicle even if the employee also operates a larger vehicle during the same week.

Employers with a mixed fleet of vehicles should review their classification decisions and/or vehicle assignments to assess any potential exposure the Alpine Logistics decision may present.

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