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From offices across the United States, we help global clients adapt to the maze of employment laws, taking into account the varied economic circumstances and customs throughout the world. Littler brings together practitioners experienced in local and cross-border labor and employment matters to provide seamless client service across national boundaries.

We are proud to have practitioners with vast experience in international employment law on our team. A number of our lawyers have served as in-house counsel for major international corporations, while others have practiced employment law in various countries. Still others have assisted companies with cross-border labor issues, including global labor relations matters, international compensation and benefits issues, multijurisdictional data privacy projects and global workforce reductions. In addition, our team frequently acts as the Adviser to the Employers’ Delegation to the annual International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

We advise Fortune Global 500 companies on the full array of labor and employment issues, including managing independent contractors, litigating and arbitrating cross-border employment claims, drafting executive contracts, assisting with workforce reductions, and assessing and drafting global ethics and data privacy policies. We also advise medium- and smaller-sized companies making their first international ventures, as well as those that are expanding their overseas operations. We assist clients in developing the framework to operate internationally with employees in various countries, whether they are on temporary assignment or have longer-term expatriate arrangements.

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Philip M. Berkowitz

+1 (212) 497-8481

Michael G. Congiu

+1 (612) 313-7656

Donald C. Dowling

+1 (212) 471-4488

Adam P. Forman

+1 (617) 378-6007

Steven J. Friedman

+1 (212) 583-2687

Philip L. Gordon

+1 (303) 362-2858

Johan Lubbe

+1 (212) 471-4490

Stefan J. Marculewicz

+1 (202) 423-2415

Renata Neeser

+1 (212) 497-6848

Michael P. Royal

+1 (214) 880-8160

Geida D. Sanlate

Knowledge Management Counsel
+1 (412) 201-7619

Eric A. Savage

+1 (212) 583-2695

Naomi Seddon

+1 (310) 712-7312

Peter A. Susser

+1 (202) 414-6868

Trent M. Sutton

+1 (585) 203-3404

Aki Tanaka

Attorney At Law
+1 (857) 337-5373

Tahl Tyson

+1 (206) 381-4924

Juan Carlos Varela

Office Managing Shareholder
+1 (305) 400-7503

Lavanga V. Wijekoon

+1 (312) 795-3216

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In addition to Littler's international offices, which span three continents, the firm includes a number of U.S.-based lawyers who are qualified practitioners in Australia, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, among other countries. In addition, our U.S.-based International team has extensive experience with matters impacting Asian companies (including those based in or operating in China, Japan and South Korea), as well as those in the Middle East and Africa. They regularly work with Littler colleagues in the Americas and Europe, and often collaborate with leading attorneys in jurisdictions worldwide to provide clients global legal services with a single point of contact.

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