New Missouri Wage and Hour Rules Reintroduce Federal Interpretations

The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has promulgated new regulations to address the 2008 amendments to the Missouri Minimum Wage Law. The new regulations follow a series of changes over the last several years to Missouri law concerning employee compensation. In November 2006, Missouri voters amended the Missouri Minimum Wage law by ballot initiative. See Mo. Rev. Stat. § 290.500 et seq. The amended law, effective January 1, 2007, increased Missouri’s minimum wage and provided for future increases (under its schedule, Missouri’s minimum wage increased to $7.05 January 1, 2009). The ballot initiative changed the law in other important, and possibly unintended ways, including use of language that resulted in rejection of most FLSA exemptions and alternative compliance calculations that had previously been followed in Missouri for decades. In Spring 2008, the Missouri legislature amended the Minimum Wage law to reintroduce certain principles of the FLSA. The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations published regulations in September 2008, effective March 30, 2009, that address the amendments to the Missouri statute. Except as otherwise specified, the Missouri Department of Labor expressly adopts interpretations of the FLSA; federal regulations are incorporated into the new Missouri regulations by reference. 8 CSR 30-4.010. The Missouri regulations also include a new rule concerning the handling of administrative complaints and notice requirements. 8 CSR 30-4.060.

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