With more than 25 diversity and inclusion-specific videos available, Littler offers both stand-alone and package pricing for clients looking to supplement their in-house, facilitator-led training initiatives. Scenarios cover a wide range of workplace challenges and opportunities around which learners can dialogue. We also have the resources to produce customized video vignettes.

Littler's Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Consulting and Training videos include:

#001 – Color Blind
Conversation starter regarding the myth of people who claim that they “don’t see color.”

#002 – What’s Your Label?
Conversation starter regarding a preference for identifying as “Black” vs. “African-American.” 

#003 – “What’s the Big Deal?”
Conversation starter regarding the failure to distinguish amongst the many different Latino/Hispanic cultures by making assumptions.

#004 – Whazzzzup?
Conversation starter regarding the stereotyping of “preferred” communication styles along racial lines.

#005 – “You’re Soooo Articulate!”
Conversation starter regarding the expectations of one’s communication skills, due to stereotyping along racial lines.

#006 – Diversity Candidate Duty
Conversation starter illustrating an employee’s perspective about the specific circumstances which dictate her employer’s interest in involving her in talent recruitment activities.

#007 – The “Double-From”
Conversation starter regarding enquiries into a person’s “true” country of origin.

#008 – “I Don’t Have an Accent!”
Conversation starter about accents, to promote discussion and understanding about the nature of dialect differences.

#009 – A Deceiving Courtship
A vignette depicting a law firm’s failure to deliver on its promise of “diverse legal teams”, in its effort to attract a new client.

#010 – “But We Don’t Even Look Alike!”
Conversation starter regarding misidentifying different members of the same race.

#011 – First, Do No Harm     
Conversation starter regarding a patient who insists on being attended to by a caregiver from the same ethnic background.

#012 – Affirmative Traction?
Conversation starter when traditionally underrepresented groups in the workplace wish to implement exclusive initiatives which focus on participants amongst those members.

#013 – “What a Great Idea!”
Conversation starter about “micro-messaging” (i.e., micro-inequities and micro-affirmations) in the workplace. 

#014 – Let Us Pray
Conversation starter regarding the situation wherein a health caregiver is expected to participate in the religious practices of a patient.

#015 – Read between the Lines?
Conversation starter regarding an employee’s request to HR for a religious accommodation – even though the religious nature of the request is far from clear.

#016 – Culture Clash
Conversation starter illustrating intra-racial confrontation between 2 co-workers.

#017 – Teed Off
Conversation starter that illustrates the inaccuracies and possible stereotypes that persist when deciding on whom to include for business development opportunities on the golf course.  

#018 – The Affinity Challenge
A two-part vignette that takes the opportunity to use an employee’s frustration about a company’s affinity networks to address the balancing act for an organization’s inclusion efforts when determining when such resource groups are appropriate.

#019 – Bedside Manners
A conversation starter illustrating a health caregiver’s tactlessness towards a transgender patient.

#020 – White Men DO Matter
A conversation starter about the importance of organizations being fully inclusive in its diversity initiatives.  

#021 – Meeting Moments
A conversation starter about being mindful about the ways in which we address our colleagues - notwithstanding the likely good intentions of attempting to be complimentary.

#022 – Diversity Brainstorm Gone Bad
A conversation starter to dispel myths about what constitutes truly effective and meaningful diversity efforts for an organization. 

#023 – “I’ll Know It When I See It”
A conversation starter about the issues of “fit” and “comfort” when decision-makers are considering a candidate’s suitability for a position.

For more information on the diversity and inclusion videos or to request pricing packages, please contact Littler.