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Monday, September 24, 2018
10:00 am-11:00 am
   |   Webinar
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"Equal pay is a critical issue for workers and their families, and a priority of OFCCP's equal employment compliance assistance and compliance evaluation activities."

    -  OFCCP Statement regarding the publication of DIR 2018–05, Analysis of Contractor Compensation Practices During a Compliance Evaluation (August 24, 2018)

Concerns about pay inequality have intensified greatly in recent years. Politicians, media, activists, and the public are voicing strong opposition to employers paying women, and other historically marginalized groups, less for the same or substantially similar work. In addition to federal laws, states and cities across the U.S. are increasingly adopting pay equity laws in an effort to close pay gaps.

Compliance with intersecting equal pay laws can be daunting, placing a huge burden on corporate counsel and human resources departments, with serious ramifications to employers for getting this important issue wrong. For example, the OFCCP continues to focus on compensation in auditing federal contractors, class action lawsuits focused on fair pay are increasing, and negative publicity can hurt employee recruiting, retention, and customer relationships. On the flip side, many employers are touting their record on pay equity to gain a strategic edge in their field.

Adding to these already challenging circumstances is the requirement that federal contractors periodically evaluate compensation and the inability to generally shield such evaluations from disclosure by claiming attorney client privilege.

During this webinar, which is specifically geared toward federal contractors, attendees will receive both an update on recent legal developments, as well as compliance guidelines and recommendations for dealing with this rapidly evolving area of the law. Attendees also will receive a demonstration of the Littler Pay Equity Assessment™, a new platform that combines Littler's deep experience in employment law with propriety technology to automate and streamline the mathematical modeling required for a defensible pay equity audit.


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