Date & Time
Thursday, January 10, 2019
10:00 am-10:45 am
   |   Webinar

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In this session, the presenters will discuss simple steps that employers can take to fend off the threat of very disruptive litigation stemming from provisions in employment agreements, retirement and welfare plans as well as severance policies, plans and arrangements. They will discuss the types of litigation being faced by employers, the weaknesses which we see being exploited by plaintiffs and the steps employers can preemptively take to avoid costly claims.

This session will answer several questions including:

  • How can an employer control whether its severance policy is considered subject to ERISA
  • How can the statute of limitations for benefits claims be significantly and successfully shortened by an employer
  • How are fiduciary-related claims best thwarted
  • How can employer misstatements to employees about benefits be insulated from a claim of detrimental reliance

About the Series

Each month, Littler's employee benefits attorneys and our guest speakers will discuss the issues employee benefits professionals face every day. They cover employee benefit trends, legal updates, and compliance strategies. Tune in for 40 minutes, bring your questions and comments, or just listen, laugh and learn.


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