New Hampshire Amends Law to Permit Certain Deductions from Wages

State Flag of New HampshireNew Hampshire recently amended its wage and hour law to permit employers to make deductions from employees’ wages for “legal plans and identity theft plans without financial advantage to the employer when the employee has given his or her written authorization and deductions are fully recorded.” The amendment becomes effective on August 13, 2010.

Although this amendment is modest in nature, it does clarify an issue that previously had confused many New Hampshire employers. Prior to this amendment, the New Hampshire Department of Labor had taken the position that employers could not make deductions from employees’ wages for legal services plans or identity theft plans, even though employees had voluntarily enrolled in those plans and authorized the requisite deductions, because these plans were not identified as permissible deductions under the state’s wage and hour law. This law makes clear that such deductions are now permissible.

This entry was written by Christopher Kaczmarek.

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