New Anti-Discrimination Legislature Reminds that Workplaces Must Reflect Diversity

"Protecting Gender Identity," The National Law Journal

In this article discussing recent and pending legislation prohibiting employers from discriminating against individuals based on "gender identity or expression," Littler's Alan I. Model counsels employers to adapt to constantly changing anti-discrimination standards in order to flourish in the future. "The new legislation is a reminder that diversity is a core cultural value and our workplaces must reflect such," said Mr. Model, "Difference breeds genius, and without the ability to pool from the entire universe of available talent, companies can't offer or sustain a high level of service to their clients." Mr. Model notes that the legislation will not magically eliminate gender-identity prejudice in the work place, and that the true test of the legislation will come in future court cases. Mr. Model also offers tips that will help employers comply with the new laws and embrace diversity.