A company’s policies and procedures are essential to its operations and to defining the working relationship with its employees. Littler helps employers ensure that their policies and procedures are consistent with the organization’s goals and corporate culture, as well as in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

At a time of ever-changing rules, and aggressive enforcement, employers must be proactive in their compliance efforts to avoid increased risks and potential costly penalties. We work with companies at every stage, assessing their corporate policies, helping them implement state-of-the-art procedures, and providing comprehensive audit services to assess and promote ongoing compliance

Our many years working in partnership with businesses and our extensive experience and exclusive focus on labor and employment issues help us meet our clients’ needs when it comes to compliant employment policies and procedures. For every facet of employment policies and procedures, from leaves of absence to workplace safety, we have the benefit of being able to rely on many of the most experienced lawyers in their field. With 80 offices worldwide, Littler attorneys also can help clients develop a well-integrated approach to multiple jurisdiction compliance – one that is sensitive to operational concerns and to the nuances of state and local law. 

Corporate Culture and Codes of Conduct

Our work encompasses every aspect of employee relations, from wage and hour issues, to safety concerns and employee conduct expectations. We also assist employers on a broader scope, helping them define their company values, culture and philosophy and seeing that their policies and procedures and code of conduct carry out these elements, which are central to a company’s identity.

We know that an effective business plan of action is necessary to maintain and enhance a company’s culture and goals, ranging from promoting diversity to maintaining a high standard of ethics in the workplace. We work with employers to develop policies and procedures that accurately reflect the company’s vision and core values.

Policies, Procedures and Handbooks Contacts

Do you have any pointers for heading off potentially icy conversations at our office holiday gathering?

Do you have any pointers for heading off potentially icy conversations at our office holiday gathering?

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