Littler Global Guide - Denmark - Q2 2023

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New Law on Employment Certificates

New Legislation Enacted

Author: Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt, Partner – Littler | Enevold

On July 1, 2023, a new Act on Employment Certificates (in Danish: Ansættelsesbevisloven) entered into force. The Act applies to employees whose average weekly working time exceeds three hours during a four-week period and introduces several new requirements as to the employment contract and the employer’s duty of disclosure. Under the new law, qualifying employees are entitled to take other paid work if this does not interfere with the employee’s ability to work in accordance with the original contract and timetable.

Employers must ensure that employees receive written information on the following matters:

  • The identity of the user undertakings, when and as soon as known
  • Duration and conditions of any probationary period
  • Rights regarding paid leave (including holiday and paid maternity/paternity leave)
  • Work pattern, if the work pattern is entirely or mostly unpredictable
  • Entitlements to training and education provided by the employer
  • Information on the identity of the social security institutions receiving the social contributions and any protection

Directive on Pay Transparency Measures

New Regulation or Official Guidance

Author: Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt, Partner – Littler | Enevold

The European Union adopted the Directive on Pay Transparency Measures, which aims to ensure that the European Union's principle on equal pay is respected and enforced across the European Union by introducing common standards for pay transparency, such as information about the initial salary level or salary range in the job advertisement or prior to a job interview. Further, employers will not be allowed to ask prospective workers about their pay history and employees (or their representatives) will have the right to request information on individual and average pay levels of other workers performing the same work.

26 Weeks of Maternity Benefits to Parents of Twins

Proposed Bill or Initiative

Author: Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt, Partner – Littler | enevold

In April 2023, the Danish government adopted a new Finance Act. Among other things, the Finance Act allocates money to parents with twins. Thus, parents with twins will be entitled to extra leave. Specifically, the Finance Act introduces 26 weeks of extra leave with maternity benefits to parents who give birth to twins. In Denmark, a similar scheme does already exist for parents who have three or more children simultaneously.

Please note that a specific proposal as to the extra leave has not yet been introduced.

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