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December 20 Has Been Declared a Mandatory Rest Day

New Legislation Enacted

Author: Yeris Nielsen, Partner – BDS, Member of Littler Global

December 20 became a mandatory rest day in Panama, pursuant to Law No. 291 of March 31, 2022, which declared it as a day of national mourning. As such, December 20 should be treated as a mandatory rest day with regards to year 2022 and thereafter, pursuant to Article 46 of the Labor Code. The foregoing implies that, like any mandatory rest day, if a worker works on that day, they must be paid with a 150% surcharge over the ordinary shift, that is, two and a half times (adding the ordinary shift and the surcharge), and should be given a day off as compensation. If the day of compensatory rest is not granted, an additional 50% surcharge must be paid on the ordinary day.

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