Littler Global Guide - Denmark - Q2 2021

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Whistleblower Law

New Legislation Enacted

Author: Tina Reissmann, Partner - Labora Legal

On June 24, 2021, the Danish Parliament passed a law to protect whistleblowers. The new law implements the EU-Directive on Whistleblowers in Danish legislation, making it mandatory for employers with more than 50 employees to establish internal whistleblowing schemes.

Breach of Loyalty Obligation Caused Summary Dismissal

Precedential Decision by Judiciary or Regulatory Agency

Author: Tina Reissmann, Partner - Labora Legal

In a precedential decision, the court found that a manager who was summarily dismissed because she had entered into a contract with one of the company’s business partners in her own name and without consent from the company had breached her loyalty obligation to the company.

Employer Not Liable for Experienced Employee’s Fall From 30 Feet

Precedential Decision by Judiciary or Regulatory Agency

Author: Tina Reissmann, Partner - Labora Legal

A company was not found liable for the damages, which an employee suffered, when he fell from 30 feet, because he was not sufficiently secure. The High Court found that with 25+ years of experience, he should have been aware of the insufficient security.

New Rules for Psychological Working Environment

New Regulation or Official Guidance

Author: Tina Reissmann, Partner - Labora Legal

The Working Environment Authority has introduced new psychological working environment rules as a result of a political decision in the Danish Parliament. The new guidelines – which are the first rules ever to focus on the mental/psychological well-being of employees – will primarily focus on: (i) High emotional demands at work; (ii) Big workloads; and (iii) Conflicts at the workplace.

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