Our Commitment

At Littler, we recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion for the long-term success of our firm. We are committed to building a strong, diverse and inclusive supplier base.

Vendor Qualifications

Littler uses the following definitions:

  • Minority-owned: A business must be at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by one or more U.S. citizens from any of the following ethnic groups: Asian, African American, Hispanic or Native American.
  • Women-owned: A business must be at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens.
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBTQ)-owned: A business must be at least 51 percent owned, operated, managed and controlled by an LGBTQ person or persons who are either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents, have its principle place of business (headquarters) in the United States, and have been formed as a legal entity in the United States.

Certification Requirements

A number of professional organizations certify minority, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender-owned businesses. The certification process consists of an in-depth examination of a company’s management practices, stock, financial documents, owner eligibility, personnel, operations, legal structure and site visit. The certification process can take four months or longer.

As part of our Vendor Diversity Program, Littler encourages suppliers to become certified by one of the agencies listed below: