Workplace Policy Institute Insider Report — November 2016

Littler's Workplace Policy Institute Insider Report details key labor, employment, and benefits news and events at the federal, state, local, and global levels. The November edition of the Insider Report turns a spotlight on recent developments in the gig economy, discusses notable state and municipal bills and ordinances that advanced in October, and highlights federal agency activity in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

The Insider Report includes the following sections:

In Focus.  Almost a year ago, the U.S. Department of Labor held a symposium on the “Future of Work” to explore how the nature of work continues to evolve as our economy undergoes tremendous change and innovation. In the wake of the December 10, 2015 symposium, Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez further described how innovation in the Silicon Valley and the tech-driven expansion of the “gig” or “on-demand” economy are raising important questions for workplace policy. This article outlines the legislative and regulatory response to this emerging workforce sector.

Insider Briefing.  The course of workplace policy over the next four years will be decided in the next few days. With the race for the White House and control of Congress finally nearing its conclusion, attention is already turning to what labor and employment policy would look like under a new Clinton or Trump Administration and a new Congress. However, the month leading up to the November 8 election was itself notable and included some significant workplace policy developments.

On the Move.  Although new laws at the state and local levels have slowed a bit in the lead-up to the November elections, the measures that did advance in October mirror the areas that are expected to remerge at the federal level in 2017. Bills and ordinances increasing the minimum wage, expanding paid leave, and imposing fair scheduling requirements on employers all made headway last month.

Global Report This section provides a roundup of international labor and employment news.

Outlook A calendar of events provides information on upcoming regulatory comment deadlines, agency meetings, and related activities.

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