Workplace Policy Institute – A Special Labor Day 2013 Report: Is Labor Poised For Rebirth?

In July 2013, the AFL-CIO released a report in advance of its annual convention that provides a blueprint of how the labor movement intends to reinvent itself.  The document –  Interim Report to the AFL-CIO Executive Council on AFL-CIO Pre-Convention Outreach and Engagement – discusses the organization’s many outreach efforts, and how it plans to evolve and adapt to combat waning membership.

The release of the union’s report coincides with significant executive-level appointments to federal agencies that are ready to advance Obama administration policies that have languished or been judicially delayed.  

On July 18, 2013, the Senate confirmed the nomination of Thomas Perez to be the next Labor Secretary.  With restored leadership, the DOL will be able to carry out its aggressive agenda.  In addition, the NLRB now has a full complement of members—and is restored to full operating capacity.  As such, it can implement rules, issue decisions, and create policies that have remained relatively dormant.

This Report highlights some of the imminent regulatory and administrative developments that will radically change how employers conduct business.  In addition, the Report explains how the labor movement plans to take advantage of the shifting political landscape, and alter its organizing strategies to court new members.  The business community must take notice of these changes, and similarly prepare.

For more information on these developments, register for Littler’s Sept. 11, 2013 webinar – A Special Labor Day 2013 Report: Is Labor Poised For Rebirth? 

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