Update to Significant PAGA Decision: Deleon Plaintiff Seeks Review by California Supreme Court

We recently reported a significant California Court of Appeals decision, marking what appears to be turning point in the development of California's Labor Code Private Attorney General Act ("PAGA"). In Deleon v. Verizon Wireless, the Second District Court of appeal addressed several unsettled PAGA issues. The Court's analysis has far-reaching consequences with respect to several issues, including (i) the settlement of individual and class-wide PAGA claims, (ii) the status of an "aggrieved employee" as a plaintiff, and (iii) the nature of PAGA representative actions.

On February 23, 2009, the plaintiff's in Deleon filed for review by the California Supreme Court. Employers are advised to monitor the Supreme Court's actions in this case, particularly those currently litigating purported PAGA claims. Unless and until the Supreme Court grants review, however, Deleon may still be cited as good law. For a more thorough analysis of the impact of the Deleon decision, see the Littler ASAP "Bounty Hunters" Lose Their State "Badge" as Court of Appeal Clarifies Several PAGA Issues.

This blog entry was authored by Vincent J. Mersich.

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