UK: How to Handle Tricky Categories of Employees When Returning to Work

NOTE: This article (as linked below) was updated on December 1, 2020.

Many businesses in the UK are now starting to reopen their workplaces and are making their workplaces “COVID-19 secure” in order to do so. Does that now mean that everyone can be required to go back into their workplaces?

Where an employer has made their workplace “COVID-19 secure”, how do they deal with employees who refuse to return to the workplace? In theory, employers may be able to discipline such employees, stop paying them, or even dismiss them, but what risks does this create? Employers should always try to resolve a refusal to attend the workplace informally first. This GQ|Littler article, which will be updated regularly, highlights some of the risks to navigate if you do have to take more formal action such as withholding pay, disciplining or dismissing the employee.

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