Temple University Hospital Workers Remain on Strike

Fifteen hundred nurses, therapists, social workers and other Temple University Hospital workers walked off their jobs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 31, 2010.  The hospital workers, represented by the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses & Professionals (PASNP), went on strike after PASNP and the hospital failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement; the prior contract expired in September 2009.  The parties remain apart on, among other terms, employee wages, health benefits, tuition reimbursement for dependents, and a non-disparagement clause. 

The hospital and PASNP have met to negotiate several times since the strike began, including sessions lasting into the night during each of the past three days.  U.S. Representative Bob Brady recently became involved to try to bring the sides together.    

While both sides claim they made reasonable concessions during the negotiations, they remain unsuccessful in reaching an agreement.  PASNP’s executive director, Bill Cruice, characterized the hospital's position as “recklessly stubborn.”  Meanwhile, the hospital’s chief executive, Sandy Gomberg, explained that “PASNP leadership has refused to recognize the economic and market realities that support our last, best, and final offer.”  The hospital has contracted with approximately 850 replacement workers to cover for striking employees and provide uninterrupted patient care.

This entry was written by Sarah Silvester.

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