State Department Releases January 2015 Visa Bulletin

The U.S. Department of State has released the January 2015 Visa Bulletin, which summarizes visa availability for individuals seeking U.S. Permanent Residence. As compared to the December 2013 Visa Bulletin, some significant movement occurred in the oversubscription date (i.e., the date on which the availability quota was met) for employment-based visa categories:

  • EB-2 (professionals with advanced degrees or persons of exceptional ability): There was minor progress in the oversubscription date for Chinese nationals with the priority date moving forward one month to February 1, 2010.  For Indian nationals, the priority date remains retrogressed at February 15, 2005.  This category is current for nationals of all other countries.
  • EB-3 (skilled workers and professionals): The oversubscription date for nationals of India advanced two weeks to December 15, 2003.  A nine-month advance occurred for nationals of China to March 1, 2011.   There was an advance of seven months for nationals of all other countries to June 1, 2013.   

We will continue to provide updates when they become available.

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