Social Media Can Create Advantages in the Workplace

The potential for decreased productivity, online harassment or disclosure of trade secrets are all reasons cited by employers for not integrating social media into their businesses.  However, as reported by the Courier Post, a Forrester Research survey of IT workers indicates that 72% found social media helpful in getting questions answered, and 68% noted its benefit when gathering information necessary for business success. And, according to a separate study by Right Management, employers that recognized social media's numerous business advantages, e.g., attracting job applicants and creating brand awareness, could actually see productivity increase.

Although employers' concerns are not unfounded, for some businesses the benefits of using social media tools outweigh the risks. Employers can guard against the risks by developing and implementing effective social media policies. However, a Manpower survey found that 75% of employers had no policy on the use of social media in the workplace.

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