Senate Immigration Bill Tabled

Yesterday, the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill was withdrawn by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) because motions for "cloture" (which ends debate and amendments) were twice defeated.

Senator Reid acknowledged the effort on both sides to find a workable solution to the problems with the immigration system, but noted that the Senate had already spent a great deal of time and effort on it, and that the continued amendment process did not bode well for a final passage of the bill. He therefore decided to table the bill for at least the time being.

Having additional amendments to present, Republicans opposed the cloture effort and wanted the debate to continue into next week. Cloture requires sixty votes. The first vote for cloture took place yesterday morning, failing by a vote of 34-61.

Debate ensued for the rest of the morning and late into the day when Senator Reid again made a motion for cloture. Again the motion fell short, getting only forty-five votes.

It is uncertain whether the Senate will return to the comprehensive immigration reform bill this year, having a number of other high-profile agenda items to address. The House of Representatives is currently in session and might also debate immigration.

We will closely follow the aftermath of the Senate vote. We will also be in meetings next week on Capitol Hill with policymakers. Updates will follow.

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