NLRB Member Terence Flynn Resigns

On Saturday, National Labor Relations Board member Terence Flynn announced his resignation from the Board following allegations cited in an NLRB Inspector General report (pdf) that he committed ethics violations while employed by the Board, but before he assumed his Board member position. Flynn repeatedly denied such allegations. President Obama named Flynn – who had worked as Chief Counsel to NLRB member Brian Hayes – as a nominee in January 2011 and seated him via recess appointment along with nominees Sharon Block and Richard Griffin in January 2012. Facing the impending loss of a quorum at the Board, the President’s decision to exercise his recess appointment power while the Senate was still holding brief pro forma sessions has generated a substantial amount of controversy. The critical question as to whether these recess appointments are in fact valid remains a contested issue and will persist even after Flynn’s resignation, which is effective July 24, 2012. According to the NLRB’s announcement, Flynn has immediately recused himself from all agency business.

The remaining Board members include Chairman Mark Pearce (D), Brian Hayes (R), Sharon Block (D) and Richard Griffin (D).

Photo credit: NLRB

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