Mexico: New Digital System Allows Verification of Disability Certifications Among Other Related Transactions

Earlier this month, the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) announced new digital tools that enable both employers and insured employees to review records concerning the employees' disabilities certified by the IMSS, as well as the amount of disability benefits and payment status. Employers can conduct these transactions at the IMSS’ Virtual Desk, clicking on the “Consulta de incapacidades, patrón” button to start the process using their “Advance Electronic Signature” (known as “FIEL”). 

Additionally, the new digital tools allow for disability payments to be made via electronic transfers directly to the insured’s bank account, as long as the insured is registered in the Standardized Bank Key system (known as “CLABE”).  The registration can be done online on the IMSS’ Virtual Desk or in person at a family medical unit.

This digital system will help employers verify whether the disability status of their employees has been registered with the IMSS.  This is especially helpful because, at times, employees fail to provide this information.  It will also make it easier for employers to obtain information concerning their employees’ disabilities, so this information can be considered when evaluating occupational risks.

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