Mexico: Amendment to Regulations Governing Handling and Storage of Materials

On September 18, 2017, the Official Gazette published an amendment to the regulations on the handling and storage of materials.  Specifically, the amendment modifies the Mexican Official Regulation NOM- 006-STP-2014, which establishes standards to protect health and safety in the workplace.  This regulation was modified, in relevant part, regarding the proper handling and storage of materials, whether done with machinery or manually. 

The relevant amendments are as follows:​

  1. A pregnant woman, during the pregnancy and the first 10 weeks after birth, shall not handle materials or engage in related activities that would require her carrying more than 10 kilograms (kg).
  1. The maximum manual load that employees may handle shall not exceed 15 kg for women and 7 kg for minors.
  1. The maximum load that employees can handle shall be determined based on actual conditions under which the load can be managed and shall not exceed the maximum weight limits as prescribed by the regulations.
  1. Manual handling of materials whose weight and length exceed the limits prescribed under the regulations shall be performed through the use of loading groups or auxiliary equipment.  When using loading groups, employers must ensure that the activities performed by the group members are properly coordinated.

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