Littler's 2019 European Employer Survey Report

European companies are navigating a variety of social and equality-related issues impacting their workplaces and, according to Littler’s second annual European Employer Survey, are increasingly channeling their concerns into concrete actions.

Faced with an aging workforce, rapidly evolving technology and market pressures requiring employees to do more with less, the vast majority of respondents are taking steps to support the mental health of employees. Improving workplace equality is also top of mind for European employers, with many taking greater action in comparison to last year’s survey to address equal pay and combat workplace harassment. And despite uncertainty surrounding the United Kingdom’s looming exit from the European Union, a surprising number of companies feel prepared for Brexit’s employment-related impacts.

The survey – completed by 572 in-house counsel and human resources professionals across the continent – analyzes the impact of these and other pressing issues impacting European employers.

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Littler's 2019 European Employer Survey Report Infographic

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