Littler Global Guide - Norway - Q2 2019

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Amendments to Whistleblowing Law

New Legislation Enacted

Author: Ole Kristian Olsby, Partner - Homble Olsby advokatfirma

The whistleblowing law has been amended, to clarify various concepts, including the persons covered under the law, the definition of the term “censurable conditions,” how employers can notify responsibly, employers’ duty to act, compensation for economic and noneconomic loss, and internal procedures. The amendments enter into force on January 1, 2020.

Supreme Court Rules on Threshold for Amendment Terminations

Precedential Decision by Judiciary or Regulatory Agency

Author: Ole Kristian Olsby, Partner - Homble Olsby advokatfirma

In May, the Supreme Court ruled in a case concerning the validity of an amendment termination. The ruling substantiates that the threshold for amendment terminations is lower than that for ordinary complete terminations of employment. The individual circumstances of a case will determine how much lower it is. A comparison of the new and old position will be relevant in this regard.

Proposed Changes to Law on Hiring Agency Workers

Proposed Bill or Initiative

Author: Ole Kristian Olsby, Partner - Homble Olsby advokatfirma

A proposal to amend the provisions concerning agency workers has been submitted for a public hearing, with a deadline for mid-September 2019. The proposal is a follow-up of previous efforts to improve the conditions for hired agency workers and protection against unlawful hiring. It recommends to provide the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority with authority to supervise compliance with the conditions for hiring agency workers and the principle of equal treatment.

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