Immigration Reform in 2013 - What U.S. Employers Can Expect

For the past decade, lawmakers have discussed immigration reform, but changes to U.S. immigration laws have been minimal. During the 2012 election campaign President Obama pledged to place immigration reform at the top of his agenda. His re-election indicates that key voting blocs support immigration reform, and analysts on both sides of the political debate predict changes to current immigration law in 2013. Most recently, President Obama announced in Las Vegas his support for various proposed reforms, with the top contenders including: relief to undocumented workers; increased immigration enforcement; and an increase in the number of visas allotted to foreign nationals with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) degrees. In Littler's Insight, Workplace Policy Institute: Immigration Reform in 2013 - What U.S. Employers Can Expect, by Jorge Lopez, Michelle Valerio, Carol Williams, and Scott Decker, our attorneys provide a brief background on immigration reform, discuss the potential immigration reform measures, and conclude with the potential effects of immigration reform on U.S. employers.

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