Expat Survey Reveals Best Countries for Foreign Assignments

The latest edition of HSBC Bank International's "Expat Explorer Survey" may influence employees seeking assignments abroad. The survey, now in its third year, gathers input from 4,000 expatriates based in 100 countries regarding:

  • economic factors (pdf) such as disposable income, housing quality, and ability to hire domestic help;
  • experience factors (pdf) such as quality of life, work/life balance, and ease of integrating into the local culture; and
  • offspring factors (pdf) such as quality of childcare, education, and safety.

The best overall score went to Singapore, followed by Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Spain.

The top five "economic" locations were Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bermuda and Singapore.

Expats can select from a diverse range of countries rated high for best "experience." Thailand ranked first, followed by Canada, Bahrain, Spain, and South Africa.

Finally, European destinations ranked high for those with concerns about their family's welfare. With the exception of Hong Kong, the top five "offspring" countries were located in Europe. Belgium ranked first, followed by Spain, France, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Photo credit: fotohunter

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